Meet Jason

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Father, Storyteller, Professional Speaker

I want my son to know that there is nothing he can't accomplish. So, I need to lead the way. I've worked in government for years, private sector for almost a decade and owned a company, failed, got a job, quit and then started another company with no more than hope, will and a faith just crazy enough to succeed. Once I learned that the life we want takes belief, action and consistency, I was hooked! Now, I'm on the invisible bridge towards my success, on my way to my best life. I also want as many to join me as the lives we've always envision is right on the other side. 

But to fully understand and pursue these goals, our health has to be balanced and maintained. Each facet of our health feeds the other, if you are weak in one area, it impacts another. The facets are referred to as the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. They are: 

  • Physical 

  • Emotional 

  • Financial

  • Spiritual

  • Social

  • Environmental

  • Intellectual

  • Vocational

When all of these facets are balanced and improving, however slight, we begin to self-actualize! Once we come to that space, it is my firm belief we are poised to address any and all of the concerns in our families, communities, cities, counties, states... you get it. 


It all starts with balanced health and believing, you ready?  

Pursuing your dreams is like being asked to walk across an invisible bridge. 

Jason Gillette

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